Postal Music Entertainment is a domestic and international live-event, artist management + development company. Postal Music Entertainment has adopted a business philosophy for long-term success that entails scouting artists in key marketplaces that have already established huge audiences and digital brands but may need help with monetization, getting signed or simply taking their music careers to the next level. We provide our artists with an honest, transparent and intimate managerial relationship and offer them services that allow them to achieve their career goals. This includes generating consumer awareness and engagement for artists through live events, branding services, online/digital marketing, artistic direction + design, radio promotion, publicity, college + grassroots marketing, innovative audio + video production, creative content and more. Consumer facing products and services include live shows, CDs, digital downloads, merchandise, fan paraphernalia and more.

Our Business Philosophy:

• Postal Music Entertainment scouts promising, commercially-viable acts whose products are relatively easy to monetize.
• Postal Music Entertainment signs a diverse array of artists with established brands/audiences in key marketplaces for the sake of maximizing exposure and cross-pollination.
• Postal Music Entertainment deliberately keeps the number of acts low so the effectiveness of promotion will not be diluted.