Across the board, ​Postal Records continues to focus on lucrative, profit-driven live entertainment, concerts and events all while delivering top of the line marketing and distribution services to independent musicians and corporate clients such as label partners. Our artist development and management division constantly seeks opportunities to strike deals, both big and small – including national record label deals, Indie label deals, endorsements, partnerships, sponsorships etc.

Strategic Highlights:
– Create live entertainment events with global leaders in commercial music
– Deliver premier marketing and distribution services to independent artists and record labels
– Combines live events/marketing and distribution strategically with artist development and management
– Sign and management a diverse array of artists with established brands/audiences in key (top 10) marketplaces for the sake of maximizing exposure, revenue and cross-pollination
– Bring together an influential team of Board of Directors and an operational leadership team that is focused on innovation, honest and transparent artist, label, client, investor relations, and an emphasis on digital media in an ever-changing music industry landscape

Investors and other interested parties may communicate with our management, board of directors, any committee of the board, or non-management directors as a group or any individual director via e-mail. To request a copy of our business plan and NDA, all such written communications must identify the recipient and be forwarded by e-mail to: or

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