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 is a premiere American music management company. A full-service American music management company, Postal Music Entertainment delivers live-event, marketing, distribution, and artist development to global recording artists. In addition to our live entertainment division, Postal Music Entertainment is one of the premiere music management companies, artist management companies, music distribution companies and music marketing companies in the United States. Postal Music Entertainment operates to promote 1) live events, 2) products and services to independent artists and label partners, and 3) to invest in the music management and development of a unique and diverse roster of United States’ artists with a strategic emphasis on digital brand exposure and monetization. Postal Music Entertainment has adopted a business philosophy for long-term success, which entails generating capital from live-events, as well as from delivering products and services to independent artists and label partners. Portions of Postal Music Entertainment revenue is reinvested into scouting musicians for music management in key marketplaces. These artists have usually already established huge audiences and digital brands but may need strategic music management, help with monetization, getting signed or simply taking their music management and careers to the next level. Postal Music Entertainment provides our music management clients and artists with an honest, transparent and intimate managerial relationship and offer them services that allow them to achieve their career goals. Our music management services include brand/strategic marketing, online marketing, advertising, college + lifestyle marketing, digital marketing, retail marketing publicity, radio promotion, publicity college + grassroots marketing, art direction + design, audio + video production, licensing, consumer insights and more. Postal Music Entertainment consumer facing products and services include live shows, CDs, digital downloads, merchandise, fan paraphernalia and more.

Postal Music Entertainment – Live Events | Marketing | Music Management

Postal Music Entertainment offers the following products and services:

  • Live-Event Production and Promotion
  • Marketing Services and Distribution To Independent Artists and Labels
  • Artist Development & Management

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